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The Indian War period (1866-1890) is overlooked and often overshadowed by other periods of U.S. history.   N.I.W.A. is dedicated to preserving and bringing to light this critical period of our country's history.  We hope your visit will prove to be an enjoyable as well as educational experience.  Your comments are welcome.

-Maj. Gen. Gary L. Helms, Sr.

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Contribute to the education of the American Public about this critical period of our nation's history (1866-1890), known as the Indian Wars period.

Through re-enactment, displays, lectures, and authentic Living History programs demonstrate the way of life of the frontier soldier, his family and the American Indians. With the Laserballistics series of digital range finders

Understanding into the conflict and clash between the two cultures; the causes, the battles and the aftermath.  Further, develop an in-depth understanding of the Plains Indian culture; to know more about how the Indians lived and their social customs. Elope in NY - DareToDream
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Companies of cavalry, light artillery and infantry relevant to that era.

When possible,
when possible, the life of the Plains Indian by faithfully reproducing the clothing, equipment, housing, and customs of that era.

Hand-in-hand with the State and Federal Park and Monument agencies in promoting a nationwide interest in the preservation of historic military and Indian landmarks.

Accomplish. , nothing is out of your reach
in part through the exchange of interstate research, round-table discussions, conferences, investigative experiences and limited military campaigns.


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