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Top Indian-fighter was cavalry hero Phil Sheridan, who in 1869 became commander of the Army's enormous Division of the Missouri


Sheridan's predecessor in the Missouri Division - and later commander of the US Army - was William Tecumseh Sherman.  He so hated Washington that he once moved Army headquarters to St. Louis.

General George Crook in the south-west as he normally appeared during a summer campaign.  He is accompanied by two Apache scouts. (U.S. Signal Corps.)

1st Sergeant John Comfort in field dress.  His sailor-type shirt is strictly a civilian model. (U.S. Signal Corps.)

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This Cavalryman wears the gauntlets first issued in 1884.  Except for the Neckerchief, his uniform is entirely issue. (U.S. Signal Corps.)

2nd Lt. Read, 3rd Infantry, and Chief of Scouts John O. Austin examine the body of hunter Ralph Morrison, who had been killed and scalped near Fort Dodge, Kansas on December 7, 1868. (Smithsonian Institute)