Indian Wars

Officers of the 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn

American Indians
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Denotes killed in battle

Headquarters and staff:
Lt. Col. George A. Custer*, Commanding the Regt.
Maj. Marcus A. Reno, Commanding Companies A, G, & M
1st Lt. Wm. W. Cooke*, Adjutant

Attached Surgeons:
Asst. Surgeon George E. Lord*
Acting Asst. Surgeon James DeWolf*
Acting Asst. Surgeon Henry R. Porter

Company A
Capt. Myles Moylan
2nd Lt. Charles A Varnum, with Detachment Indian Scouts

Company B
Capt. Thomas McDougall
2nd Lt. Benny Hodgson*

Company C
Capt. Thomas W. Custer*
2nd Lt. Henry M. Harrington*

Company D
Capt. Thomas B. Weir
2nd Lt. Winfield S. Edgerly

Company E
1st Lt. Algernon E. Smith* (Temporarily detailed from Co. A.)
1st Lt. Charles DeRudio (Detailed to Co. A)
2nd Lt. James G. Sturgis* (Detailed from Co. M)

Company F
Capt. George W. Yates*
2nd Lt. Wm. V.W. Reily* (Temporarily detailed from Co. E)

Company G
1st Lt. Donald McIntosh*
2nd Lt. George D. Wallace

Company H
Capt. Fred W. Benteen
1st Lt. Francis M. Gibson

Company I
Capt. Miles W. Keogh*
1st Lt. James E. Porter*

Company K
1st Lt. Edward S. Godfrey
2nd Lt. Luther R. Hare with detachment Indian Scouts

Company L
1st Lt. James Calhoun* (Detached from Co. C)
2nd Lt. John J. Crittenden* (detached from 20th Infantry)

Company M
Capt. Thomas French
1st Lt. Edward G. Mathey (Commanding pack train)